Sandy Causes $94K in Damage to Chester School

Roof damage to Black River Middle School to be repaired by Dover firm.

Superstorm Sandy may have left most of the region unscathed, but the Black River Middle School in Chester wasn't so lucky.

The storm damaged a 12,000-square-foot segment of the roof, which allowed water to enter the building and displaced a class.

"We have one class which was displaced and is now in the library," Superintendent Christina VanWoert said. "For that teacher it is an emergent situation because for normalcy they want this done as soon as possible."

According to Business Administrator Mary Jane Canose, patching the roof would have been just as expensive as replacing it.

"We contacted three different contractors," Canose said. "What the wind did was lift it up and pull back the adhesive and water had gone underneath."

Canose said the roof is tarped until repairs are made. The contract was awarded to Stanley and Orke Inc. of Dover.  Canose said the price was $94,000 with a 20-year guarantee.

"Out snsurance adjuster came out and wind damage is covered," Canose said. " And we can also put in a FEMA application for it. So hopefully that will allow it to be covered."

*A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the school damaged as Dickerson School because the author is not the brightest bulb.


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