LETTER: Berkeley School Board 'Disgrace;' Clown Laughs And Bird Chirps

Letter from a reader:

Berkeley Township Residents:

Just this past week I sat at a Berkeley Township School Board Meeting , along with my 11 year old son.

I found that this meeting was a disgrace!! Board president Noriko Kowalewski had no control over the public making distracting noises from the audience .

During open public speaking, former Councilwomen Fran Siddons got up to speak about a resolution about raising our dunes in Island Beach State Park that was bought to the attention of this board back in December's meeting, but was tabled until February’s meeting.

While Ms. Siddons was speaking, Councilwoman Judy Noonan’s Phone begins to ring, with a clown-laugh sound. Not once, but twice. 

At that time, Board President Noriko Kowalewski should have stated that all cell phones should be turned off or on vibrate for the duration of the meeting.  But, she did not state that.  She proceeded with the meeting and all the  distractions from the public .

Ms. Fulcomer got up to also speak about the resolution to the dunes.  At this time another distraction from the audience. This time coming from Councilwomen Sophia Gingrich’s husband Brian Gingrich who is president of Holiday City Berkeley South Club House.  While Mrs. Fulcomer was speaking he proceeded to make chirping bird noises from the back of the room.

Again, Board President Noriko Kowalewski did not stop it and allowed it to proceed through the rest of the meeting. 

But, Noriko Kowalewski did stop one thing, by throwing  the gavel at her former running mate Jim Fulcomer and current Berkeley Board Member. 

All I can say is that my 11 year old son has more manners then you people.

Dawn Parks  

voice of reason February 26, 2014 at 09:19 AM
I don't know Mrs Parks only what I have read here but seems crazy how all you haters on here slam her and from what I read in the past 2 yrs on patch about her is that she was going against the majority to try and lower taxes ? So who are the haters on here ? must not be Taxpayer's
Marie February 27, 2014 at 06:22 AM
What you read about her, was from her and all of her hidden and masked names on The Patch. At the Cove, she has many names...nothing to do with education.
John commons February 27, 2014 at 06:46 AM
I think it is pretty sad whaen a paper that is put out for residents of Berkeley township takes a story and tries to bury it cause the truth has annoyed to many people I want to know more on the garbage cans. I could not get one unless I payed 57.00 and it took months while the neighbors do have a lot of cans I would like to see the funds taking in and were they went and why did they give them away to there friends and family I don't know about you I can't continue to pay these people to what it looks like to me were people sleeping in uniform. We're I come from your in a uniform you show pride not the top of there head as they seem very good at. Mayor and council I have seen many complaints and seen evidence on this patch paper we have. So I think they buried it because people are to close to there cash cow well employees up there. It seems there is a lot of unnecessary spending and mis appropriations of our tax dollars. I live alone this sickens me I have to choose what medicine I can afford this month and you here of there people going home leaving theft I don't know what's up. But it warrants a investigation jc.
John commons February 27, 2014 at 06:53 AM
I have lived here for 17 yrs and I think the whistleblowers hit a nerve!!!! they were attacked which makes me only more curious. Mayor. council. Investigate. This is accused theft !! my car is 22 yrs old may I bring it up to public works like the man said and have it repaired like that photo of that gold car in picture.
Chief Wahoo February 27, 2014 at 08:34 AM
Maybe dawn parks is crazy. Maybe Bryan Parker is a drug addict. But if they are fighting the machine and corruption and trying to lower taxes and spending and waste , well then I like these crazy people. It's the ones in suits, who say they are here to help me, that I worry about. STOP BULKYING WHISTLEBLOWERS !!!


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