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GALLERY: Online Bids Being Taken for JFK HS Art to Aid Sandy Victims

A bid can make one of these amazing works of art yours, and help Woodbridge residents of Hurricane Sandy at the same time.

The pain felt by victims of Hurricane Sandy brought an outpouring of support from Woodbridge residents.

Now art students at John F. Kennedy High School are doing their share by holding an auction of the art they created to depict the impact of Sandy on their lives and the lives of their neighbors.

The artworks are on display at the high school, located in Iselin, but now interested owners can bid online to make these creations theirs, and help a worthy cause at the same time.

All monies raised by the auction will go to help Woodbridge victims of the hurricane. JFK's for hurricane relief, all of which went to Woodbridge homeowners affected by the storm.

"Giving up artwork is challenging, especially when they are building their portfolios, so when they were willing to do this and give the money for charity it just moved me," said art teacher Amy Stachurski and is helping to oversee the auction.

Stachurski said she is giving two prizes to the budding young artists - one for whose work draws the highest bid and another for the artist who gets the most bids. 

Those interested should page through the Patch gallery. Bids are done by emailing Stachurski with the name of the artist on the work. Bidders should include their email address, the name on the artwork, and their bid.

There is a minimum bid of $5, and $10 for canvases.

Bids can be emailed to Stachurski at amy.stachurski@woodbridge.k12.nj.us

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