Berkeley Schools Super To Receive Additional $28,250 In Pay, According To New Contract

Replacement contract for James D. Roselli goes into effect on Tuesday

Patch file photo
Patch file photo
By Patricia A. Miller

Berkeley Schools Superintendent James D. Roselli could earn more than  Gov. Chris Christie soon, thanks to hefty "merit" increases approved by the Board of Education recently.

The board voted five to one at the June board meeting to replace Roselli's current contract from 2012 with a new one that would add $28,250 to his paycheck for the coming school year.

The new contract is slated to go into effect Tuesday and runs through June 30, 2019. It includes five "merit" increases for 2014, which would bring Roselli's total compensation to $178,250. Gov. Chris Christie's salary is capped at $175,000.

Board member and former board vice-president James Fulcomer cast the lone no vote on the increase.

Fulcomer called the board's approval of the replacement contract and the merit increases "the biggest salary grab in the history of Berkeley Township."

"To me, this is absolutely outrageous," Fulcomer said. "I cannot support it. It's contrary to the people of Berkeley Township."

Ironically, Roselli suggested the board replace his contract and institute the merit increases, Fulcomer said.

"The merit bonus will be based upon his achievement of quantitative merit criteria and/or qualitative criteria," according to the contract. "The board and superintendent can select up to three quantitative criteria and up to two qualitative criteria per contract year," the contract states.

The superintendent will receive an additional 3.33 percent of his base salary for each quantitative bonus approved by the board, and 2.5 percent for each qualitative criteria, according to the contract.

The Ocean County Superintendent of Schools has to sign off on the merit increases to make sure they are justified, the contract states.

One less job

Roselli was appointed in 2012, after a two-year search for a replacement superintendent, at a salary of $148,000. His previous contract called for him to serve as acting director of Special Services, with no additional compensation. His current salary is $150,000.

But he will not serve as special services director anymore, according to the new contract. That means the district will have to either appoint another acting director or hire a new one, probably at a salary of over $100,000, Fulcomer said.

Roselli's maximum salary under the old contract was $155,000 - the state cap for superintendents in K-6 districts - which he would have reached in 2017, the last year of the old contract. of the state cap for superintendents in K-6 districts.

The new contract calls for a $5,000 salary increase and $23,500 in merit increases. State law allows school boards to award merit bonuses to exceed the cap.

"He will end up with $178,250 in his pocket, which is more than the governor of the state is making," Fulcomer said.

By contrast, Central Regional Superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides is in the middle of a five-year contract with his salary capped at $154,000 per year. Parlapanides had offered to do the Berkeley superintendent job for free several years ago, but the board never interviewed him.

Another week of vacation

The new contract also jacks up Roselli's vacation days, from 20 to 25 per year. He also gets 15 sick days, four personal days and all holidays on the school calendar.

The Berkeley school district consists of four elementary schools, grades K-6.

Board President Noriko Kowalewski and board members Louis Tuminaro, Edward Cammarato, Sal Ferlise and Steven Pellecchia voted to approve the replacement contract.

Board members John MacMoyle and Keith Fischer abstained. Board member Patrick Mooney was absent.

"I am proud I voted no," Fulcomer said. "I wish other people had voted no."

What do you think of the Berkeley superintendent's new contract? Tell us in the comments below.

Patricia A. Miller July 03, 2014 at 12:23 PM
Folks, we welcome your comments, but please stay on topic. This story is about the Berkeley superintendent's salary increase, not Central Regional. If anyone has any information and documentation about bullying or other problems at Central, please e-mail me at Patricia.Miller@patch.com and I'll be happy to look into it.
sam pinto July 03, 2014 at 02:59 PM
Ms. Miller, you say you want to keep this blog about Roselli's raise, your misleading headline says he received this raise. Can you confirm that this is true that Dr. Roselli in fact received this large raise? Did you confirm any of this with the County Superintendent or did you just take Jim Fulcomer and Dawn Parks word? Please enlighten us. Yes or No??
George Kaminski July 03, 2014 at 04:43 PM
Sam if you were a person with a spine you would not hide behind a fake screen name. You want to speak about delusional look in mirror. Here are some facts that I can back up for you. Mrs. K was Campaign Treasurer for most of the people that voted for this ridiculous raise. All of there campaign fundraisers took place at "The Cove" (you brought up the cove not me). None of the proceeds from said fundraisers were reported to the State of NJ Election Law Office as required. Each candidate signs a form with the county requiring expenditure reports for anything in excess of $300 to displace another candidate within two weeks of the election. Check Mrs. K's paperwork. No contributions reported. Who paid for the postage for her campaign materials to be mailed to all of Berkeley Township for her candidates multiple times within two weeks of the last election. Specifically, it was the Berkeley Municipal Republicans who own Bulk Mail Permit #167 out of the Toms River Post Office. Even at an agressive bulk rate each of her multiple candidate mailers subdivided exceeded $300 per candidate within two weeks of the election. The printing costs of the materials alone warrant a Quarterly reporting. Nothing was submitted. These are all what you would call FACTS sam. I kept mailings to addresses in each district to back up my facts. The last time I checked, which was after the required NJ file deadline neither her commities nor the Berkeley Munipal Republicans committee reported the in kind committee transfer of the postage in the last election. Pretty sure that is required by law. Money seems to come to her campaigns from thin air to pay for all of those 4x4 signs for these non-partisan school board elections she runs, but it doesn't. She won't tell the state or Berkeley Township where she gets all her campaign money from at her Cove fundraisers. But she has no problem making monetary decisions that may impact all of our taxes without any justification for the raise. I heard she is now in charge of another campaign. It makes me chuckle. The fact that someone thinks she should be in charge of another campaign is hilarious on many levels. But we'll save further comments on that for another day. You "sam" should really be careful what you post online, unless you can back it up with firm documentation. Stating that someone frequents a bar or suggesting that they need AA is grounds for a lawsuit. You're funny screen name does not shield your source IP address and timestamp from a court order. I do nothing but network security for a living. Grow a spine and talk facts. Throwing around comments at Dawn online and trying to hide behind a fake name is not helping your cause. If they, Berkeley BoE, showed a baseline with mean Superintendant salaries and explained to the public that Mr. Roselli was somehow under paid I would have let this slide comment free. I actually like Mr. Roselli and if a raise was warranted I think he should get it 100%. That's not what happened here. No such presentation to the public was made. This was a bad decision by the board president and her pals. A race to vote for something without facts and figures. Mrs. K. seems to knows all about missing figures based on what I have NOT seen reported to the State of New Jersey online. Or maybe she doesn't know her paperwork is still missing, which could be an even larger problem? Sam, you seem concerned about things. Why not contact the state election law office and ask about this yourself? Have a Happy 4th everyone :-)
JB Hoops July 04, 2014 at 03:39 PM
@Pat Miller - in your last paragraph By contrast, Central Regional Superintendent Triantafillos Parlapanides is in the middle of a five-year contract with his salary capped at $154,000 per year. Parlapanides had offered to do the Berkeley superintendent job for free several years ago, but the board never interviewed him. I would think you opened to the door for these people to talk about his job as a Super as well?
cookiejar July 17, 2014 at 08:46 PM
OMG! I know this salary news is old news. But, I just heard today that over the winter that this Superintendent was using a school car for dropping off a case of beer to a local business during school hours. A man that supports the Dare Program through his schools, but yet dropping off a case of beer during school hours in a school car is not kosher??


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