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Berkeley Schools Superintendent Pick Not A Surprise

James Roselli's contract could be approved by Board of Education at meeting tonight at Berkeley Township Elementary School

It was no surprise when the Berkeley Township Board of Education voted to appoint James Roselli as the district's next superintendent at a special meeting on Monday night.

And it was even more obvious that Central Regional Schools Superintendent - who had offered to assume the duties for free - never had a chance.

and some members of the school board  had been grooming Roselli for months to take over the district. They appointed him acting director of the district's special services in January. Roselli had been principal of the Berkeley Township Elementary School prior to that.

Board President Steven J. Pellecchia gave a not-so-subtle hint of what he thought of Parlapanides back in April. His remarks came shortly after the board spent $6,500 to hire the consulting firm Leadership Advantage to begin a search for a permanent superintendent.

in terms of test scores compared to the Berkeley school district.

"That's not what the board wants," Pellechia said. "Our board wants a superintendent that will maintain the reputation we have. In my heart, I really feel he's not qualified, even with a doctorate."

Pellecchia did not return repeated calls for comment for this story.

Vicari announced at the April 19 board meeting that he had spoken with Parlapanides earlier that day and that Parlapanides was not interested in assuming superintendent duties for both districts.

That came as news to Parlapanides.

He said on April 20 he was very much interested in taking over Berkeley as well and wanted to apply for the position. He denied telling Vicari he wasn't interested and said he wouldn't ask for additional money for Berkeley duties.

"I'm shocked he would stoop to the level of calling my superintendent a liar," Pellechia said then.

Parlapanides did not accuse Vicari of lying. He denied he told Vicari he was not interested in the position.

Pellecchia went on to say that Parlapanides could apply for the position and the board would consider his application.

Berkeley board members voted unanimously on April 19 to hire Richard Morasco of Leadership Advantage to conduct a superintendent search. Morasco said then that the average time to find a new superintendent is six months.

At Vicari's last board meeting before his departure, he cautioned against sharing administrative positions. had questioned why the board would pay someone $59,000 to oversee the school transportation department when Central Regional had offered to share a supervisor at a much lower cost.

Vicari called the term shared services "a buzzword."

"You need to be very careful with it," he said then.

popped up during the public portion of the meeting and said that consolidating administrative positions "doesn't always work that well."

"There's a lot of personal things you lose through shared services," Roselli said then.

The board voted unanimously at a meeting to approve Roselli as superintendent. His contract has to be approved by the Ocean County schools superintendent.

pledged to consolidate services during their successful campaigns for board seats in 2011.

So why did they opt to hire a superintendent rather than one who would do it for free?

The board's personnel and negotiations committee consists of board members Sophia Gringrich, Kowalewski and Pellecchia. Eight people applied for the position.The list was narrowed to six and then to the final three, said Gringrich, who chairs the personnel committee.

Board members were limited to candidates who were interviewed. That left out Parlapanides, who submitted an application and was never interviewed.

"The Central Regional superintendent was not considered by the board," Fulcomer said, speaking for himself. "You can't vote for somebody who is not interviewed."

Gingrich said the reasons why the board opted for a paid superintendent will be discussed at tonight's meeting, which gets underway at 6:30 p.m. at the Berkeley Township Elementary School on 10 Emory Avenue.

"We're going to make that announcement tonight," she said. "You'll have to wait until then."

Gingrich said she expected the board to formally vote on Roselli's appointment tonight.

Business Administrator/Board Secretary Laura J. Venter said copies of Roselli's resume and contract could be obtained through the state's Open Public Records Act. The contract cannot be released until it is approved by the board, she said.

What's your take on the superintendent search? Tell us in the comments section below and take our poll.

crga July 06, 2012 at 01:43 AM
Sooner or later some one will open their eyes and realize that Roselli is nothing but a puppet carrying the political agenda of the board and republican party here in Bayville. Unfortunately it is our kids who pay the ultimate price for having a superintendent who only really cares about his paycheck and status.
Charles Parlapanides July 12, 2012 at 04:43 AM
What a waste of tax dollars, Board President Steven J. Pellecchia should be ashamed of himself.
Hearme September 18, 2012 at 12:17 PM
That school has been a joke as long as its been open. I cant wait until my kids are all out of the school systems in this town. The entire Berkeley Board should be recalled. But as usual nothing will be done. If they got paid based on performance they would owe us money.I still don't understand how they constantly do things that at very least seem should be against the law.
not playing the game September 29, 2012 at 03:01 AM
This man is taking away money from our children s education, his salary would have paid for so much . Its a shame board members did not like the FACT another man was going to do it for his capped salary already which meant FREE fix this
not playing the game September 29, 2012 at 03:03 AM
Another joke before btes was her they said we needed this school because of a increase in kindergarten classes but the fact is there has been fewer children more and more each year.


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