Township Cracks Down On Owner Of Santo Marina Property

Cleanup of site will begin next week, developer to pay costs

Larry Irons is going to be a busy man next week, if the weather holds up.

Township officials have arranged for the longtime Bayville contractor to clean up the old Santo Marina site. The cost of the clean-up will be paid for by Ray Masucci, a Staten Island developer who bought the property from Paul Santo for $1.9 million nearly two years ago.

"It's scary out there," Irons said late Friday afternoon during a tour of the site with Council President James J. Byrnes. "I've counted 25 boats so far. We counted 2,000 cement blocks."

Byrnes, Mayor Carmen F. Amato Jr., Masucci and township Code Enforcer Kenneth Anderson to determine what security measures to need to be taken and to iron out the details of the clean-up.

"The township is not paying for anything," Byrnes said.

Masucci bought the defunct marina from owner Paul Santo for $1.9 million back in 2010.

The trailers, a house on the north side of the property and the battered marina offices have been boarded up since last week. Orange see-thru plastic fencing lines the perimeters of the badly warped docks.

Irons will be hauling out the abandoned sailboats and powerboats over the week. He will cut the masts off the sailboats and raise them out of the water.

who live in this quiet Bayville neighborhood at the edge of the Ocean Gate border said they are glad the property will be cleaned up.

"It's a step in the right direction, for starters," said Gary Bleiberg, who lives on Doyle Drive with his wife Jenny. "If it prevents one kid from getting hurt, I guess it's a good idea."

But they are still opposed to Masucci's plans to put 19 single-family, 2.5-story homes on the site, along with a dockmaster's house, marine store, parking lot, 44 boat slips and 44 Jet-Ski slips.

"This whole project is one big variance," Bleiberg said. "Nothing about this conforms to anything."

Attorney John Paul Doyle will present the application at the May 23 Board of Adjustment meeting in Town Hall.

Bob Parzanese, Cedar Street, said he and other concerned neighbors are planning on handing out fliers to homes nearby to alert them to the zoning board meeting on Wednesday.

"Maybe the zoning board will see people are very concerned about what's going on."

Betsy Huhn May 20, 2012 at 11:58 AM
Get as many residence as you can to go to the planning Board meeting... If they are true to their word...As long as 1 resident is apposed to the project, they cannot vote to approve it.. That is what they are there for...What the residence want!!!! So go out...Get as many to get up and talk as you can,.......Good luck!!!
earsforward May 20, 2012 at 05:57 PM
If one person is opposed to the plan they cannot pass it? This is America and that statement is not the case. Here is a novel idea have the protester[s] buy the prperty and present their plan for the property to the township.
Leslie May 20, 2012 at 09:05 PM
I am typically not pro building, but in this case, an upscale development including 19 homes, marina and amenities could make a great ratable as well as enhancing our towns images ~ Bayville & Ocean Gate. it would also raise the property value of homes in the area. Its a much better idea then condos or just leaving the land vacant. Of course it could be made into a park with the use of Open Space/TPL Funds , but with Mill Creek Park just down the road, not sure if that could be justified. As far as the planning board having to vote no due to public outcry ~ it doesn't matter if there are one to two hundred opposing it, if it is zoned for it, a developer has the right to build on it. The only other option is to ask for soil borings to be done on the soil and groundwater to see if there is any contamination, and to determine what the sub surface materials were composed of. If it was found to be contaminated, it would have to be remediated prior to any approval for land use. Good Luck.
lifesabeach July 25, 2012 at 01:38 AM
I loved Santo Marine. The owner Paul was such a great person. He would do anything for anyone. Always was there to listen to anyone. He always took the time to listen to anything even though he had work to do. Yes, the marina had a lot of work to be done to it...but in all fairness...it's hard to maintain a business when you are in it alone. I'm honored to have known Paul Santo. He always would buy me things...whether it be a book or a piano...it was the little simple things that would bring a smile to someone's face.


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