Snow Warriors - How Public Works Deals With A Snowstorm

The Berkeley Township Public Works Department has a protocol to follow to handle an oncoming snowstorm, according to the township's website.

Salt and sanding crews are the first line of defense once the storm has started. They begin on major roadways, then secondary roadways.

Berkeley has roughly 70 pieces of township-owned equipment and 30 contracted loaders. Actual plowing begins after the snow has stopped and four to five inches has accumulated.

All streets are opened curb to curb to insure the drains are opened. Each snowplow vehicle has been assigned a section to plow and will remain in that section until all roadways have been sufficiently cleared.

"This may require the snowplow vehicle to make multiple passes on each street," according to the website. " On occasion, due to the lack of areas between the sidewalk and curb, sidewalks and driveway aprons may become covered with snow that falls off the snowplow blade."

Residents are cautioned not to dispose of snow from their properties onto streets. Snow blowers should be directed to blow snow back onto the property. Summonses could be issued for non-compliance.

Parking on streets is prohibited during snow removal.

Keeping whats mine January 22, 2014 at 06:08 PM
Public Works deals with it by taking as much money as possible. Get real.


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