Holgate Residents Allowed to Return to LBI This Weekend

Gas service also being restored to different parts of LBI.

As water and gas service is restored to certain parts of Long Beach Island, officials there are now advising that residents of one of the island's most-battered portions - Holgate - may return home this weekend to collect medication, insurance and other personal items.

Residents and contractors will be allowed access to Holgate on Saturday, November 17 and Sunday, November 18 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Everyone is expected to have appropriate placards in the window, along with identification.  

Emergency management personnel caution that there will be no demolition and/or construction allowed in Holgate, and that this reentry is for winterization-purposes only.  There are as of yet no utilities restored in this area. 

Officials also noted that Long Beach Township inspectors will be performing interior flood damage assessment prior to allowing Atlantic City Electric to restore power.  Oceanfront homes posted UNSAFE and other posted structures may not be accessed for safety reasons.   

Holgate residents that hired contractors to remove sand or are removing sand themselves are also advised that only clean and pristine sand should be taken to the Holgate lot (end of Holgate) where it will be recovered. Residents on the North end (North Beach/Loveladies) can take clean and pristine sand to Tract 1065 (North Beach) and residents of Loveladies can take their clean sand to either Tract 55 or Coast Ave or place it on the beachfront of their legally owned Tract, where it will be recovered.

Residents who have sand with debris must call Long Beacn Public Works to coordinate removal. The number is 361-1000 EXT 349.

Also this week, Township officials noted that New Jersey Natural Gas notes a number of homes on Long Beach Island that have been cleared for gas service to the resident’s meter, or have already had their gas service restored.

In a press release issued yesterday, New Jersey Natural Gas officials noted that they reintroduced natural gas into the fourth section of the main line on Long Beach Island, from East Bergen Avenue to East 86th Street.   They expect to move onto the fifth section today, from West Seashell Lane to Holly Drive. 

Those homeowners who have been cleared should contact a licensed technician to conduct complete inspections of gas systems within the home.

Once deemed safe by a licensed technician, the gas service to the residence can be turned on by the technician. The technician should complete the certification tag and turn it into each homeowner's respective town.

In order to recognize which homes are ready for gas, look for a certification tag on the meter or log onto www.NJNG.com for a list of homes that have been cleared. 

Officials with Comcast have also advised Township officials that their infrastructure is in "good working order." Any residents with problems/issues should contact Comcast directly.


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