New E.M.T. Coverage Debuts Tonight in Holiday City

Pilot program now in place, Township Council President Says


Emergency medical technicians from the Tri-Boro First Aid Squad will start their first overnight shift based out of the 's building on Jamaica Boulevard tonight, Township Council President James J. Byrnes said.

"They are going to provide support from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.," Byrnes said. "They are able to do a shared service with us to get it going."

The Tri-Boro EMTs will provide services temporarily, until the township hires their own, he said.

"They are able to do a shared service with us, at no cost to the taxpayers," Byrnes said. "The EMT's will be local people. They are going to know the neighbors and the neighborhood. The service should be better."

Township officials worked on a plan earlier this summer to supplement first aid coverage in the senior communities at night, as squad memberships continued to drop. 

"We have a very serious problem," Mayor Carmen F. Amato Jr. said at the Aug. 14 Township Council meeting. "Response times in the senior communities at night are longer and longer. As the years go by, it becomes more difficult to get volunteers."

Township Councilman Thomas Grosse said then that public safety committee members met with first aid squad representatives to discuss the "dwindling numbers" in squads in the senior communities.

Age, illness, seniors who have to work, and an increase in required training hours from 140 hours to 195 hours have contributed to the problem, Grosse has said.

The EMT service will come at no cost to taxpayers, unlike MONOC paramedics, who billed residents separately for their services. The new EMT service will bill Medicaid for the cost of answering calls. Residents will not have to pay above and beyond what Medicare pays, township officials have said.

"They're not going to get hit with extra charges," Byrnes said.

The first aid squads in the senior communities will continue to work as they always have, Amato has said.

Byrnes also said the township is planning to paint house numbers in blue on curbs in the senior communities to make it easier for emergency responders to locate homes.

Mattie September 16, 2012 at 01:56 PM
General police response time is also unacceptable... we need a police sub-station right here in the HC community - with at least 2 officers on duty 24/7. Sure, might be boring and quiet 95% of the time... but the active times call for police right THERE ... not 30 minutes away in Bayville.
Keeping whats mine September 16, 2012 at 04:55 PM
Other then the taxes collected from HC its just a burden. Break them off into a town of their own. Get Andy, Barney and Goober to patrol and keep an eye on Otis.
Berkeley Lifer September 16, 2012 at 09:14 PM
Very true,these old folk's want everything for free.Let them all buy Life Alert and have a private security firm tend to their needs and let them pay for it!
Random Poster September 16, 2012 at 10:36 PM
i live in Berkeley twp(bayville section), but have grandparents living in HC, and know some other residents that way as well. i work a midnight shift for a utility in that area, the police presence is there, most just don't know it. response time probably adds up to the area size/number of roads in that area. knowing that(unsure of actual #) all/most homes in that area(davenport to Mule Rd to St Catherines blvd) fall under a "homeowners association" why isint the "HOA" stepping up and providing these services to the local residents? most homeowners pay a monthly fee for landscaping/snow removal right? maybe local residents should put he heat on the HOA board instead of the township for these services. i pay monthly dues myself in the area i live in. with that area of town being as big and removed from "services" as it is(logistically wise, "closer to Toms River"), why burden the Twp with services when the "HOA" collects money from residentual services anyway? maybe the "HOA" will be willing to help with the cost of funding a 24/7 squad more centralized to make its residents happy and safe. "thinking outside the box on this one". i am not one to complain, but with having family in that area, paying property taxes into the Twp, and have a career in providing a necessary utility service in the area, i just want the best for my tax dollar,and my family. whats the HOA over there doing other than just collecting money from the 55 and up crowed?.. just my $0.02 for now.......
Joseph Chadwick October 12, 2012 at 03:00 AM
Any Ambulance service could got there from around the area you just have that service bill the person for the ride and care rendered,and if there insurance covers the ambulance company or ambulance districts fees they make money,and if they don't have insurance witch they most likely will,they get a free ride like as is if its a volunteer squad doing the job.


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