Township Officials Begin Search For Chiropractor As Part Of Employee Wellness Program

Move would provide training for employees and cut down on workmen's comp claims


Township officials have decided to hire a chiropractor to provide wellness benefits for employees and cut down on workmen's compensation claims.

Township Council members voted unanimously at the March 13 council meeting to begin the process of finding a suitable chiropractor. Township Clerk Beverly M. Carle said the contract could be completed by May.

“This is a way to better train our employees and to cut down on workers comp claims,” Mayor Carmen F. Amato Jr. said.

Township Attorney Lauren Stalger said she did not expect the costs to exceed the bid threshold. That means the township will be able to hire without going through the public bidding process.

But Stagler told the council to discuss and vote on the issue in public in case the costs are more than expected. Public discussion would also let local chiropractors know, in case they want to submit a proposal.

Stalger said the purpose of the chiropractic contract would be two-fold. First, she said the chiropractor could visit with township employees once per year and give a demonstration on the proper way to lift heavy boxes.

Having a contracted chiropractor would give the township a regular professional to deal with worker’s compensation injuries that fall under chiropractic treatment, she said.

Council President James J. Byrnes said that his employer initiated this same type of plan two years ago as a wellness benefit and saw a subsequent drop in workers compensation claims.

Byrnes - who is the facilities director for the Freehold Regional school district - said having a chiropractor under contract allows the employees to have “unlimited chiropractic” visits covered by their insurance company.

Township Chief Financial Officer Fred Ebenau said the township employee insurance policy would work the same way.

Committeeman Thomas Grosse asked if the chiropractor benefit would cost the township money.

“This would come in under wellness," Byrnes said. "It is covered by their insurance at no cost to us.”

In other business, several township vehicles will soon go on sale via an online auction.

“We have a lot of surplus buildings and grounds equipment, a lot of equipment that has not been used in years," Byrnes said "It does not do the municipality any good to have it sit around.”

Among items up for sale are three street sweepers, a dump truck, two buses from the recreation department, a Chevy Impala police car and five golf carts.

The vehicles will be listed on the Web site www.propertyroom.com when it is a time to put them up for sale, a process that is expected to take a “couple of weeks” according to Deputy Clerk Karen Stallings.

The council also introduced an ordinance that will charge residents who appear before the zoning or planning board an additional $25 fee.

Amato explained that when a new member is appointed to one of these boards they must receive state-mandated training that the township pays for. The proposed fee would be put in a dedicated fund to pay for these classes.

Amato said this is a way to shift the cost of classes away from taxpayers to those who use zoning and planning services.

The ordinance will be back before the council for a public hearing and final vote at the March 27 council meeting.

STEVEN DOMINICK March 25, 2012 at 12:34 AM
A.J. Barone, D.C. April 15, 2012 at 12:26 AM
I think that this is a very smart idea. I have been practicing chiropractic for 27 years, and I have seen firsthand the power of a chiropractic spinal adjustment, and its ability to return an injured worker back to the work force quicker and with less cost to the taxpayer. I have lived the chiropractic lifestyle, and I can testify to its numerous health benefits. Chiropractic has been long under the controversial microscope, a lot of the propaganda started by the Medical status quo. All one needs to do is research the current health ranking of the United States of America as compared to the other industrialized nations, and they will see how poorly we are doing. Americans live the Medical model; it simply doesn’t keep you healthy. Drugs and surgery can save your life, but they do not make you truly healthy. Regular chiropractic care helps boost your immune system, and reduces your dependence on medications. True leaders take the road less traveled. Workers Compensation has long been monopolized by the Medical machine give chiropractors a chance and get ready to watch miracles happen.
Mark May 18, 2012 at 05:53 PM
Thanks Steve, We try our best to treat everyone quickly, thoroughly and get them back up to being as healthy and pain free as possible. After 25 years we know a lot of treatment methods.
Mark May 20, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Like Dr. Barone stated, I've seen after 25 years of being in practice, at VIP Chiropratic, chiropractic helps the patient get better quicker and cheaper than traditional treatment methods. And if you combine PT and Chiropractic the pt. gets better even quicker than just using bed rest and medications. That saves the township $$$. When other states integrated Chiropractic into their injured worker treatment regime the states saved money. Help NJ get out of the red.
Dr.Cheryl A. Altieri, Township Chiropractor February 25, 2013 at 08:58 PM
For those of you who are uneducated in the field of chiropractic- injuries to the neck and back involve the pulling of the muscle which is attached to your spinal vertebrae, causing a SUBLUXATION, which is a misalignment of said vertebrae, which puts pressure on the nerve which exits between them(pinched nerves). Weeks of bed rest, medication and physical therapy do not address the spinal misalignment or correct the problem, the pain usually continues and further increase in the likelihood of future injury exists. For those of you who are not educated in work related injuries-back injuries are America's leading contributor to missed work, are the most common cause of job related disability, 80% of Americans will suffer a back injury at some point in their future, and over 50 BILLION per year is spent for treatment and rehabilitation of back injuries. Studies comparing Medical and Chiropractic treatment of equal populations of back injured workers revealed- workers treated with CHIROPRACTIC had twice as many FEWER lost work days, twice as many MORE cases of complete recovery, twice as many cases reporting NO lost work time, and twice as many FEWER cases out of work in excess of 60 days.


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