Few Accidents Reported During Snowstorm, Traffic Safety Officer Says

by Patricia A. Miller

Berkeley Township residents heeded the call to stay off the roads during yesterday's heavy snow and wind.

Police reported only three traffic-related accidents, said Lt. James Blair, who heads the department's Traffic Safety Unit.

"We did not make out that bad at all," Blair said today. "It seems like everybody decided to stay home or drive safely."

A car slipped off the roadway around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday near the intersection of Route 9 and Serpentine Drive, but no one was injured. There was another accident after midnight, but no one was injured, he said.

Police reported a two-car crash on Route 530 around 10 a.m., but no one was injured, Blair said.

Most of the roadways had been plowed by this morning, he said.


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