Bayville Woman Indicted in Fatal Howell Crash

Freehold resident killed in January accident

A Monmouth County grand jury recently indicted Bilgye Santamaria, 34, of Bayville for her role in a fatal crash at the intersection of Route 9 and Strickland Road last January. 

Santamaria faces charges of second-degree vehicular homicide and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child. 

Santamaria was determined to be driving more than 30 miles per hour above the speed limit on Route 9 South on the evening of Jan. 13, according to an investigation by the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office Major Crimes Unit, the Howell Township Police Department and the Monmouth County Serious Collision Analysis Response Team.

Santamaria reportedly ran the red light at the intersection with Strickland Road and hit a car being driven by 26-year-old Eileen Figueroa of Freehold. Figueroa was taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead the following morning, according to the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office. 

Santamaria had three young passengers in the car ranging from six to 10 years old at the time of the crash. Two of the children sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Santamaria was taken to the Monmouth County Correctional Institution after she was arrested on Nov. 20, where she was being held in lieu of $100 thousand bail set by Judge Lawrence M. Lawson. 

The case was assigned to Assistant Prosecutor Michael J. Costanzo and no lawyer has been listed yet for Santamaria.

The second-degree vehicular homicide charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and is subject to the No Early Release Act. The act means people convicted have to serve 85 percent of their sentence before being eligible for parole. Third-degree endangering the welfare of a child carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. 

Poindexter McSmash November 25, 2012 at 01:05 PM
I would like to ask if Bilgye had a drivers L. and what country is she from? You don't need a license to drive in some third world countries. Of course my comment will be construed as prejudice, but my point is, there is much more to our lives then just culture clash.
Jo November 25, 2012 at 04:24 PM
She had a license, the name may throw you off a bit, she speaks English perfectly well. She is just a very ditsy girl. Not the sharpest girl you'd ever meet. She is beautiful and talented just very ditsy. I am not taking away from the girl who died. MY heart breaks for her it is so so very sad but B is not a bad person she is just an immature woman who thought she was invincible, not sure if I spelled that right, but nobody thinks something like this will happen to them. It is sad all the way around and Believe me I KNOW much much sadder and heart breaking for the Figueroa family. I can't imagine what they are going through. Everybody loses in this. Bilgye has a 6 year old little girl who is going to go without her Mom. I went without mine at a young age, it is horrible. That little girl didn't deserve this, people just do stupid stupid things accidents happen and innocent people suffer. Miss Figueroa suffered the most. I'm so sorry for her family and their loss.
JM November 25, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Well,if you have any brains "you THINK BEFORE you act"!!!! Sry she should of thought about her children when she did what she did!!!!
Jeannie Blythe November 25, 2012 at 11:22 PM
That was my question also. I'll bet she is not a USA citizen.
john November 27, 2012 at 12:01 PM
RIP Eileen Figueroa ... this could have been anyone of us getting killed by a car that runs a red light, especially at 30 mph above the posted speed limit of i believe 50 mph in that area........
Veronica Martin November 28, 2012 at 01:18 AM
I don't think what origin/background bilgye is from matters. How foolish you must feel for such conments especially because she was born in this country. It's a sad case for everyone involved. As a former client of mine I got to know bilgye. She has a very strong faith and is very involved in her church often asking if I would like to come to church events and functions. My heart goes out to both families.
Luvmom December 01, 2012 at 02:36 AM
She is a selfish woman who deserved to be on the other side. Not only did she take a life but she put other children's life at risk. when someone is going 30+ miles over speed limit it is not an accident it is murder! She deserves to the max sentence behind bars. No pity here. He child will still be able to visit her in prison. The Figueroa family will never have a chance to hold or see their child again.
Luvmom December 01, 2012 at 03:40 AM
It is actually 60 which means she was going 90+ Insane!!!!
Luvmom December 01, 2012 at 03:42 AM
Well she better keep praying because if all goes well she will be spending many years in prison....then comes hell!!
chainsawhands December 03, 2012 at 08:34 PM
If no driver from the United States ever caused a fatal domestic accident, your comment would have some relevance. Otherwise, yes, you're full of prejudicial nonsense.


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