They ignore the shore

It's the man-made disaster after the Sandy disaster!  During the past 15 months, storm victims have gotten seriously flawed and inadequate help from government on rebuilding our homes and our lives. -------
To add insult to injury, every NJ Republican Congressman voted against the bipartisan Flood Insurance Affordability Act this month. The governor is also against this legislation that would reform the bungled 2012 Biggert-Waters Act.  --------- 
Thanks for nothing, Jon Runyon, Chris Smith, Frank LoBiondo, Leonard Lance, Scott Garret, Rodney Frelinghuysen and Chris Christie.  Now there is no doubt that your priority is toeing the national party line and not representing tens of thousands of New Jersey people who are in dire need of your support. 
Why didn't you vote against aid to victims of tornados, earthquakes, wildfires and other disasters across the US?  Is it because your party told you to support only its political strongholds?  -----------  
Shore residents should voice their opinions about this travesty by emailing, tweeting or mailing their elected officials, and then voice their opinions in the next election. 
Sue February 07, 2014 at 10:28 AM
In addition, residents can voice their opinions about the state's poor response to the physical and financial hardships, lack of oversight of insurance companies, etc. A public hearing will be held Thursday at Brookdale College, Monmouth County, and comments can be emailed to the state this month: sandy.publiccomment@dca.state.nj.us Just look at all the still-damaged houses everywhere... despite 15 months of "photo opps" by you-know-who. This has been a screw-up of the same magnitude as FEMA's Katrina debacle!


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