Screwed by Sandy bureaucrats?

Now is your chance to speak up!  

The post-Sandy fiasco is just as bad as the post-Katrina fiasco. Tens of thousands of people still have damaged homes 15 months later, thanks to FEMA and insurance companies doing whatever they want with the money we've paid all these years (and giving 10 cents on the dollar to those in dire need).......................... Voice your opinion for 3 minutes (keep it clean!) at one of next week's public hearings ------- NY, PA & NJ news media will be there -------- Tues. 2/11 at Stockton College (Atlantic County), Wed. 2/12 at NJIT (Hudson County) or Thurs. 2/13 at Brookdale College (Monmouth County). ................... Please sign up in advance to speak: http://bit.ly/SandyPublicHearings


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