This is borrowed from Man Chester and I think it's worth sharing..
"... I hear all these stories about heroin. I just don't get it.
I just equate it with Propofal, what Michael Jackson died from. It just puts you to sleep.
If you want to go to sleep, just drink beer, or whatever alcohol you choose. Then, chop some wood. I guarantee a good night's rest.
Beer actually SAVES your life, because the use of pills of ANY KIND ruins your liver. When you take pills like OXIES, and DRINK, then you get LIVER DAMAGE. That's the first thing I was taught in High School. NEVER mix pills with alcohol, and if you DO, you run the risk of needing a liver transplant in Seaside Heights on an emergency basis. I'm SURE they don't have one in stock.
As new fat GOV'NA, I suggest that if you CONTINUE to use heroin, my staff and I have made an agreement to dig a hole, and dump you in there if no family claims you within 48 hrs. DONE.
I just can't see how doing drugs to the point of passing out and burning the floor with cigarettes is fun. Well, except for the fireman who RESCUES YOU, if you're hot!
I've seen a BEAUTIFUL LOVE FOX completely destroy herself.
Every man is given a fork in the road. Some choose the wrong one...
Your use of illicit drugs supports terrorism and beheadings worldwide.
So, when we throw you in that ditch, make sure you realize that no one will miss you... *


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