OPINION: Christie Sticks to His Story, In Berkeley....While Some Remain Homeless

From a reader:

Attended Christie's town hall meeting in Berkeley Twnship .... As usual, a disappointment. The place was packed with (obviously) Republican supporters. Christie got a standing O upon his grand entrance through the velvet curtains. Bruce Springsteen playing on the PA. (I thought Bruce told him to stop using his music??).

Questions were soft- and the answers from Christie were loooong, verbose renditions about how "difficult a job" it is to be Governor of NJ. Woe is Christie... such a tough, tough job he's got. (sniffle*sniffle).

Of course like other town hall meetings, EVERYTHING is the federal government's fault. FEMA is a badly run federal program.... yadda yadda yadda. NOTHING is EVER Christie's fault or problem.

Well my sister (who has been HOMELESS since Sandy, and STILL IS) had absolutely NO issues with FEMA, and/or their many rigorous regulations and qualifications. None. ALL her delays, issues and problems started at - and continue to be at - the STATE LEVEL. FEMA paid out billions, where is it all?? Held up at THE STATE LEVEL.

Never did Christie mention firing the management corporations overseeing the (rebuilding) contractors, not once but TWO times, and how that's been holding things up. Nope, all he did was the usual song and dance about how incompetent and useless the federal government is...

Pretty interesting take on the Federal government from someone who wants to be president, huh? Overall, this senior community love fest for Christie was exactly what I expected, and no doubt exactly what Christie was shooting for. It was very SAFE for him to come here and put on his performance unchallenged.
Mattie March 06, 2014 at 10:12 AM
Gary Olsen ... I do agree, New Orleans was our HUGE wake up call. But that said, FEMA is a much more efficient, better run program than it was in 2005. Bush's man, "Good-Job-Brownie" is long gone, and better people are managing it today. I'm not claiming it's perfect, hell no- huge government agencies are never 'perfect'. But let's stick to current events and reality as it is TODAY. NJ got their funds from FEMA. That's a fact. Christie said so himself. There have been other times (and other TH meetings) when he's said things like "We need to be diligent and careful to disburse this money to those who are in the most need..." "We need to be careful and cautious with making sure the money is used wisely and for whom it's intended...." Gee, then we find out a couple billion went here for this nonsense, (not connected to ANY legitimate Sandy recovery) and look! a couple billion went there for that crony's pet project (again, not Sandy recovery).... and THOUSANDS of homes along the shore and lagoon areas are sitting empty and destroyed. This isn't a "Lefty" "Righty" thing. This isn't even a democrat / republican thing... this is REALITY. And something smells rotten.
Mattie March 06, 2014 at 10:41 AM
And by the way Gary Olson, I don't make 'fat jokes'. I may not like Christie, his policies, his lying, his bully attitude... I'll be honest about that. However, I never shame or bully ANYONE for their bodies or their looks. I don't like it when someone else does it either, so I don't encourage that kind of thing from anyone. *** As far as offering solutions? It's not my JOB to offer solutions. I'm not the Governor. I'm not the policy maker, the one holding the purse strings.... I'm merely a citizen of NJ. I try to stay aware of issues, I try to get involved when I can, and I vote - for national and local elections. Just because I may not have "The Solutions"... doesn't mean I can't criticize what's been done or being done right now- because it's NOT WORKING. It's up to THEM to change what's not working, not me, or you. We can only voice opinions and make them aware that A; it's not working, and B; WE know it's not working, and we know THEY know it's not working, and something needs to be done about it.
Marina March 09, 2014 at 12:03 AM
YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, the same democRATs whining about the same BS. Why am I not surprised.


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