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JCP&L Plans To Trim, Prune Trees Too Close To Wires For Rest Of Year In Berkeley, Beachwood

Program is part of ongoing "vegetative management" operation

Jersey Central Power & Light has selected Berkeley as one of 24 towns in New Jersey for their "vegetation management" program to improve service reliability.

“Before the end of the year, we expect to trim more than 3,900 miles of lines, improve clearances, remove dangerous trees and perform additional spot trimming,” said Holly Kauffman, JCP&L vice president of operations. “This work plays an important role in delivering reliable service to customers.”

The work will begin in late August and continue through the rest of the year.

While no overall schedule street-by street schedule is available, JCP&L will notify residents in some areas, said JCP&L spokesman Ron Morano.

"We notify especially if they trim along right of ways near residences," Morano said.

JCP&L's certified forestry experts inspect vegetation near the lines to ensure trees are pruned in a manner that preserves the health of the tree, while also maintaining safety near electric facilities, company officials said.

Trees that present a danger or are diseased may also be removed. Trees and tree branches that fall into electric lines are a leading cause of power outages, and when trees and power lines touch, it can create a dangerous condition.

JCP&L tree contractors are slated to work in Berkeley, Beachwood, Brick Township, Lacey Township and Lakewood in Ocean County.

JCP&L’s certified contractors have already trimmed trees along more than 1,500 miles of the company’s distribution and sub-transmission circuits in 2012.

jen R August 30, 2012 at 12:56 AM
I have tree limbs over my lines ~ does anyone know if they come to your house to trim if its not on their schedule ?


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