Loss of the Unrealized in Sandy's Wake

Tragically, animals fell prey to the storm

The beaches are again traversable in Sea Bright.

There is, barren as it may be, sand on which to walk again. And taking an oceanfront hike these days can sometimes mean being smacked with the reality that loss is still rearing its head.

With all the chaos and loss of structures and property value, it has become more apparent, as the tide rolls back in, that there was loss that some may have forgotten — animals.

On a recent trek down the beach in Sea Bright, a Patch friend and animal lover found a couple of remnants of that loss that made her and us saddened by the notion that nature can sometimes be very cruel in a survival-of-the-fittest world.

What she and we wonder, though, is just what these victims of Sandy's wrath are. Do you know?

Regardless, this is a call to remember and honor a less realized victims of Sandy.

Peace and Godspeed to the animals lost.


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