Heartbroken Owners Still Searching For Dog Missing Since Fire That Destroyed Their Bayville Home

Morgan, a four-year-old boxer-pit bull mix, went missing in the confusion of the nighttime fire - reward offered

Morgan come home.

Helen Buzinkai and her family may have lost everything in the fire that destroyed their Hilltop Drive early Monday morning. But the material things lost during the inferno don't matter to her.

"That's a big nothing to me," she said tonight.

All Buzinkai wants is her baby back. Morgan, a four-year-old boxer-pit bull mix, was rescued from a horrific life in South Carolina two years ago. She ended up at the Jersey Shore Animal Center, where Helen and her family found her.

Morgan has been missing since the fire. Helen and her fiance Bill Schreiber had put her and another family dog in the fenced-in back yard to keep them as far away from the blaze as possible. But the fence had holes in it from Superstorm Sandy and the family thinks Morgan may have pushed through one of them.

"She's just a beautiful little soul," Helen said. "It breaks my heart."

Morgan weighs about 55 pounds and is extremely friendly, considering the abuse she endured in her life down South.

Morgan's owners had abandoned the dog, moved away and left her chained, unable to reach food or water. A section of the chain had twisted around one of her legs, which she nearly lost, she said.

"She's bubbly," Helen said. "She loves to play. She wouldn't hurt a soul. She would take abuse before she would give it. I want my dog back."

Buzinkai and her fiance Bill Schreiber were asleep when the fire broke out. Her son George was downstairs working on his computer when he smelled smoke.

"If it wasn't for him, we'd be dead," Helen said.

George saw light flickering under the door to the garage. He first thought that someone had forgotten to turn a light off. But when he went to open the garage door, smoke poured in. He yelled to his family.

The fire spread rapidly, fed by more than 40-mile-an-hour winds. In less than half and hour, their home of 28 years was gone. And Morgan was missing.

"It just happened so fast," Helen said.

There have been a number of sightings of a dog resembling Morgan in the nearby Sylvan Lakes neighborhood. But each time the family has responded to a sighting, Morgan is nowhere to be found.

Helen stressed that Morgan is not dangerous, and is extremely friendly.

"She's a real sweet dog, not a mean bone in her body," she said. "If somebody sees her, don't be afraid to call. We are hoping to get that call. She is an extremely approachable dog."

Anyone who thinks they may have seen Morgan please contact her owners with any information at the following numbers:

Helen 732-581-7633
Robert 732-642-6785
Jay 732-300-6180 (Morgan's Emergency contact)

Buzinkai is offering a $500 reward for Morgan's return. The family has set up a Facebook page "Finding Morgan," and asks that readers share it. Morgan is microchipped and is wearing a collar.

Condor February 23, 2013 at 11:15 PM
I'm on the road a lot with my job. I'll definitely keep an eye out for her.
lacey long time February 24, 2013 at 12:30 AM
i went with the house as a starting point and went thru the nearby woods for around 2 hours. usually on trails like those you see a lot of paw prints because people walk their dogs. i followed pretty much the only set of prints in that area which is a good sign she is nearby. lets hope it stays at least as warm (45 degrees) as it was today till we find her.i will try again tommorrow.
Deborah A Rawlins February 24, 2013 at 12:48 AM
I am so sorry about what had happened to your familyand beloved morgan.I feel for you all.I walk all over the place,and the last couple of times,I have looked for her as I walk.I promise you,and you can feel a little better,knowing that I and other people are looking for her for you.I know how much you love her,and how much she means to you.and I want nothing more than to bring her home to you.I know how much you love her,and offer a reward and everything to find her,I would never take a reward to reunite a loving family member to her family.never.you can be sure,next time,I walk,I will bring a leach with me,and I hope and preay,she will come into my path,and I will bring your baby back home to you,whre she belongs.god bless you all and sweet little morgan.
Hearme February 24, 2013 at 07:34 AM
I had sent you a message when my daughter and friend thought they spotted her the other night. She was so upset that she couldn't stay out all night looking for Morgan.I know a friend of yours was out looking the other day because she stopped to ask if we had seen her . Unfortunately we have not seen her since the other night.You might want to check around WaWa or Cb Huntington dumpsters if she gets hungry she might go around there looking for food.At least you now if she is around Sylvan lakes she will be looked out for and someone will call you. I think almost everyone around here loves animals and would gladly go help find your dog. I know my daughters friends my other kids and my neighbors are looking for her as well.I have seen several postings for missing animals lately and I hope you all find your missing family members. We will keep looking so please let us know of any updates.
lacey long time February 24, 2013 at 06:51 PM
hearme where did you spot her? what street?


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