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Berkeley Lifer April 19, 2014 at 09:37 PM
@Voice of treason just raise your prices and pay the bus drivers more $$$$ that's the easy choice = Read More)
bill April 20, 2014 at 02:30 AM
Where is Gingrich now that she got her seat and went after Siddons . Now you fools can see how sheRead Moreu sed you. I think it is great she made a fool out of her self and the entire Republican party of Berkely. Hats off to the BOA ,you all made the right move. It is great to see the Republican BOA going against its own party but wait has the Mayor made an appearance yet. There is a lot of political favors that have to be played out. Where is Brian Gingrich in all this . We all new he controls his wife.
Karen Costello April 24, 2014 at 03:46 PM
I find it unconscionable that the board is using termination notices as a ploy to make the busRead Moredrive rs bend to their will. The drivers as it is do not make a decent living wage and cannot afford to give up anything they have or not receive a raise that will raise their standard of living. These drivers have also been working in good faith without a contract for the past two years. As a former driver I have been exposed to all of their tactics and although the termination letters don't surprise me I find it egregious that the board would stoop to being such bottom feeders. You need to look no further than Lakewood to know what a disaster bringing in a private contractor is. There is no coming back from that as they sadly realized. The drivers know their children and they care for them, that will not be the case with a private contractor. Often times I saw children moving about the bus while it was in motion and hanging out the windows. Also I've been witness to private drivers wearing headphones, texting, and in general behaving obliviously to the chaos going on behind them. The last time there was such a serious consideration to move to private contracting governor Whitman was in office and it turned out she had a relative who had an ownership interest in Laidlaw. I do hope there isn't any kind of cronyism going on. Lastly these are good people who safely and dedicatedly drive children to and from school each day. Regardless of weather conditions they are out there pre tripping their buses. There is no sitting behind a desk pushing a pen for these people and to be treated so subserviently is disgraceful. Oh and your "free turf" is unimpressive.